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Hershey Stink Bug Control

One of the reasons I decided to add this page to my website is to warn homeowners of unscrupulous companies promising to "eradicate" stink bugs. Many homeowners become desperate when these pests begin invading their homes in large numbers. Keep in mind, "eradication" with current products is impossible. Any company worth its reputation will concede this fact! There are, however, products and methods that can be utilized to "control" populations of stink bugs. The time to treat for stink bugs is before they make their entrance into your home...usually late summer into early fall.


If you haven't been plagued by them yet, count yourself as one of the lucky few! Stink bug population has grown exponentially over the past few seasons, and this season is sure to be one we will long remember.

Entomologists have determined that due to the climate last summer, two additional generations of offsping were added to the usual 4-5 generations that we normally expect. What does that mean for us? Simply put....a lot more stink bugs this year!

So far, stink bugs have no known natural predators. Because of their quick emergence (they've only been identified in the US since the late 1990's), there has yet to be a great product developed and approved to control them. But, Hershey Termite & Pest Control can put a plan together to help you reduce the numbers of these pests in and around your home.

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